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⚗️ Wizardry (Potion Creation System)

LEAK ⚗️ Wizardry (Potion Creation System) 1.0.13

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  • Gives fights and raids a fresh kick.
  • Give raids an exciting and intense feel.
  • Give your players an easier way to travel, or just to have a good laugh.
  • Nothing else on Gmodstore like this addon.
  • Orgasm Inducing UI
  • Animated UI.
  • Easy to use and figure out.
  • Real-Time searching.
  • Dark themed so your players don't get eye sored.
  • Fully Customisable with ease
  • Config with comments so you can change everything.
  • NPC positions can be set in 5 seconds.
  • Potion Packs created by developers add more potions.
  • Optimised and Efficient
  • Almost zero impact on Server Performance.
  • Optimised to the fullest extent.
  • If enabled, the addon will catch faked net messages from players, allowing you to stop cheaters.
  • Easily Admin Controlled
  • Toolguns to spawn in potions/chemicals to allow for easy refunds.
  • Remove effects from players with a command.
  • bLogs support.
  • Custom Content
  • Fully custom models and textures.
  • Everything made by yours truely.
  • Sip-Based Chocolate Milk ASMR sound effects.
  • Find the Content Pack here.
  • Drag and Drop installation
  • Easy to install.
  • No initial configuration needed.
  • Developer Friendly
  • Create potions and Chemicals using OOP (Object Oriented Programming).
  • 8 Default potions to give you plenty of examples.
  • Supports Other Addons
  • Supports bLogs.
  • Supports Bricks Essentials Inventory System.
  • Support's ItemStore.

If you have any ideas for features you would want to see, DM me and I'l see what I can do. :)


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